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When planning a music event for my clients, my first goal is to go far beyond their expectations. Having experimented with a lot of music genres, I am able to accommodate any event you may like and make sure you have an enchanted evening. You see,being a DJ is not an ordinary job for me. I see it as a calling, as an entertaining performance. I want to make music that can turn your event into an amazing time of your life. I have the know-how to get a crowd dancing all night long, from the first song till the last. It is my firm belief that I can incorporate your unique music requests into my playlist and please, keep in mind I also have a knack for changing the mood when necessary. So let’s turn up the volume and dance the night away!


What does it sound like if I tell you that DJ Saxx has the ability to provide high quality sound for your special event? Sounds good right?Well, both my knowledge and my acquaintances can make sure that you will have high quality sound on the special evening of your party. Multiple audio setups,sound consoles and speakers are going to be available as well as cutting edge technology equipment to make sure that you are provided the best quality of sound. Highly qualified sound technicians and professionals can be at your service to plan a great party while you focus on your moves on the dance floor!


It goes without saying that a great factor in turning an average party into really great is the overall ambience created by both music and lights. When it comes to lights and lighting effects,you will consult with DJ Saxx on the concept you have for your special event and he will make it come true. So whether you’re thinking of dance lighting, mood lighting, curtain lights for an outdoor event for instance, or LED uplighting, my collaborators and I can definitely find exactly what you need to suit your taste. Imagine a celebration that can be a pleasure for all the senses!


Are you picturing yourself dancing under a firework display? Is a “dancing on a cloud” effect more to your liking? Do you simply prefer confetti launchers? I personally confirm that state of the art dance floors as well as special decoration and props can turn your special event into a spectacular experience. I am willing to contact vendors and suppliers for you to make sure that the special effects that you require for the celebration you desire will be at your disposal. After all, this kind of effect can make an amazing party, right?

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