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Mykonos Wedding
Katia Douka

Wedding Planner
Mykonos Wedding – Katia Douka

A fortunate combination of qualities makes up the unique personality of Katia Douka, the highly skilled chief wedding planner in Mykonos Wedding. Her ambition, drive and resourcefulness are illustrated throughout her exceptional event planning. Her studies in Business, Administration and Economics, along with her professional experience in Public Relations and Marketing have weathered her determination and decision-making. Enter serenity, artistic flair and a remarkable vocation for tending to others’ well-being.

Charmed by the greatness of Mykonos Island herself, Katia pursues excellence in every new wedding she takes on and rejoices in incorporating the magic of this divine place into the experience her clients are longing to have. Ultimately, Katia is the indispensable link between the desires of Mykonos Wedding clients and their perfect materialization.

Exceptional Talent
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