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John Micro

Dj | Producer | Radio producer

“A party is successful only when you manage to mix different kinds of music and at the same time to make the crowd dance to the last drop”

John Micro

His first contact with music and electronics was in 1984, when he first became an amateur producer of a pirate radio station.

As a radio producer he collaborated since 1989 and for two years on “Radio Veronica”. Later, in 1992, he collaborated with “Ciao Fm”. In 1993 he performed as a DJ at Sunrise Club and at the same time he did radio production at “Radio Alpha” in Myrina, Lemnos.

As a Dj he has played in many clubs including: Disco Video – Status (Athens), Mocabo (Nafplio), Palladium Time (Athens-Piraeus), Iguanna (Athens-Piraeus), Go Go’S (Athens-Piraeus), Aigli (Athens-Piraeus), Envy (Paros ), Envy (Trikala), Canava – Chilli (Santorini), Snow me – Flox – Watercolor (Arachova), Free Club – Seven club (Athens-Piraeus), Jourfixe (Athens), Viva Beer House (Athens). 

Lately he has also started to organise karaoke parties with great success.

He loves producing his own music as well as doing incredible remixes in his studio and many of his tracks have hit the charts.

John is also DJing at weddings and private events. Although his musical preference is in Rock and Italo Disco, in his music sets he plays any kind of music with great success.

He is so excited because his great love for music is also his profession.

Exceptional Talent
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