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I’ve got the power to get you dancing in no time! Hi!

Born and raised in Athens Greece, in the ’70s, I have loved music since I saw the light of day. My DJ career began in the late 90s and up to now I constantly communicate through music. I have had the honour of playing music in a multitude of venues, night clubs and restaurants all around the world.

Ancient Cairo, cultural Amman, beautiful Nicosia, extraordinary Bangkok, all time classic London, romantic Paris, amazing Rome…

Having played in those exciting places,  I firmly believe music has no boundaries. Any place I have been to and whichever culture I have seen, at the end of the day all of us feel  alike through music… Fascinated!

Should you be looking for the DJ to create the soundtrack of a unique party… I’ve got the power to make your special day unforgettable!!

As a professional DJ I specialise in providing services for dream weddings, celebrations, parties and events on Mykonos island.

I enjoy keeping the dance floor packed all night long, with songs that every guest can enjoy! Bringing all skill, experience, professionalism and wonderful spirit to your party, aiming to make it truly epic!!!

I’ve got the “know how” to rock a dance floor with cheerful and amazing music that will have everyone dancing with their hands in the air. You can be confident in choosing me to fulfill all your DJ requirements!

Together we can organize a memorable event!!!

My experience

Just a sample..!
  • BeefBar Mykonos (originally in Monte-Carlo)
    As a Dj Residency
  • Pinky Beach Restaurant Mykonos
    2015 – 2020

    I’ve had the honour  to coordinate the music and entertainment department for Pinky Group Dortmund LLC. on Mykonos island, over the last few years, within one of the most luxurious alternative dining experience venues in the middle of the Aegean Sea.

  • Semeli Hotels & Resorts Mykonos
    2014 – 2020

    Semeli Group is a luxury hospitality company on Mykonos island. My top priority, the best customer service in the music division of this group! Moreover, part of my duties was organizing events with major artists and Djs.

  • KOO Night Club Santorini

    Since music is my way of life, KOO Club gave me the opportunity to make my love and my passion for music take flesh and bones being the resident DJ of the venue for seven years.

    At KOO, the music style was International and Greek mainstream.

Guest/Private Events

  • London
  • Frankfurt
  • Cairo
  • Amman
  • Nicosia

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